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Season Pass: An Adventitious Adventure

The Plagiarists Present: Season Pass
Season Pass – An Adventitious Adventure

Season Pass had been all I thought about for basically a year. (Well, I certainly thought about it every day.) Now that it’s closed I feel a little lost.

Console Parts – Sea’s Wheel – Body’s Laser – Space’s S.H.I.P. – Time’s Control Console

We created something amazing and ambitious, and boy did it pay off.  The Ride – with it’s four shows – Sea, Body, Space, and Time, really did take people for a ride, and they LOVED IT. But don’t listen to me – just read this review.

In creating this universe we invented our own higher truth, our own history – the reality of the lives of those living during the war between Sylvania and Freedonia. Each of the rides had to fit into that universe, and each of the rides’ endings also had to go along with the probabilities and possibilities laid out by that universe. Who’d’ve thought choose your own adventure would be so timey wimey – even in the rides that weren’t about time travel. I’d say we did pretty well, and though it’s hard for me, having been in on this project for so long, to know for sure how clear certain realities were, the audience seemed to be able to follow. Everyone I’ve talked to afterwards has had nothing but great things to say.

Photo by Joe Mazza http://bravelux.com/
Sea – Puppets

I tell ya though, it’s hard to talk to people afterwards about a show that has so many different endings. The conversation always has to start with ‘So which endings did you get? What happened?’ It gets even harder when you figure in the fact that we had so many ideas that didn’t even make it into the final drafts of the show. (All the more reason for a re-mount…)


As a designer, and a relatively new member of The Plagiarists, I have to say that this project was probably one of the most challenging and rewarding and exciting things I’ve ever worked on. A designer, in on the writing process? That’s amazing. I mean, it makes sense. The whole show takes place on a ship of some sort, so there were certain things that were really helpful to know before putting characters into those spaces. It was almost a backwards design process for me in the scenic department, and that was really, really fun. I had drafts of the set before we had drafts of the script. Then we’d keep editing the script and I’d edit the set, and there was a lot of back and forth before HOLY CRAP WE OPEN IN A MONTH and we had to settle on things.

MacGyver would be proud - this is made out of cardboard.
BODY – Surgical Laser Close Up
Photo by Joe Maza - http://bravelux.com/
Surgical Laser + Doctor Michaels http://bravelux.com/

The design was always relatively open ended though, as the aesthetic we had chosen for this adventure was something inspired by Be Kind Rewind‘s Sweded Films. (Which is a great film. And if you haven’t seen any of YouTube fanvids, they are hilarious.) The recycled materials/found items aesthetic seems to be something I keep going back to, and it breeds a certain MacGyver style of creativity that I absolutely adore working with.


I could go on and on and on about this project, but the next thing awaits! (Literally, the program is open on my computer and I have coding to do…) So hopefully you can enjoy this short post and a handful of photos.