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Origin Story

The Art of Storytelling

A third generation artist, with her mother and grandmother both teaching and working with paint brushes in their hands, Melissa was raised with a deep appreciation for fine art and the arts in general. She was drawn to the theatre by its versatility, and with a knack for picking up new talents at the drop of a hat, she needed a home where her many skills could be embraced and utilized.

In this business of recreating reality, and creating imaginative new worlds, Melissa has found great purpose in the power of storytelling. Live theatre, art, music, and entertainment create a dynamic shared human experience that can help expand our perspectives and broaden our understanding of the world we live in.

When she discovered room escapes, she found a whole new platform for that storytelling. Casting the audience as the protagonist leads to exciting moments of discovery that, although influenced by the world created around them, ultimately come from within. The story cannot continue without their participation, it’s their story, it’s active. You don’t just soak it in, you live it. Just like real life should be.